Math & Science

Looking for great math and science projects? Download these activities to do in or out of the house.

  • Math & Science - Bring the Stars Inside

    This activity can be done outside in the evening and at night in your home!

  • Math & Science - Sink or Float

    Which items sink? Which items float?

  • Math & Science - Scavenger Sock Terrarium

    Take an old sock and put it OVER your shoe when you are outside!

  • Math & Science - Patterns, Textures, and Colors

    Picking out clothes for work and school can be bun for the whole family.

  • Math & Science - Mix it Up

    Mix and create recipes in your own kitchen

  • Math & Science - Math Hands

    Help your child practice some simple addition and subtraction problems with his or her fingers while you tell a fun story.

  • Math & Science - Fossils

    Make your own "fossils" the next time you are exploring outside.

  • Math & Science - Fizzing Fun

    Make some fun fizzing eruptions with baking soda.

  • Math & Science - Backyard Dig

    Create Your Own Backyard Dig Site

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