Quiet Play

Time for sitting still? Download and use these activity cards for quiet play interactions.

  • Touch Your Name

    Young children like to touch and feel things that have texture. They also are very interested in their name.

  • Play With Letters

    Playing with alphabet letters is a great way to help your child see the difference between letters.

  • Share That Book

    While you read to your child, ask questions that require more than a one-word answer.

  • Let's Talk

    Take time to read and talk with your child.

  • Rhyme Time

    Have fun with words.

  • Sharing Stories

    You and your child can share stories with each other.

  • Adding More

    When learning to talk, young children often speak in one word statements such as "milk," "truck," and "play". You can add more words to help them hear and learn complete sentences.

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